Ticket #69 (new enhancement)

Opened 4 years ago

Remaining suggestions from Ticket #65

Reported by: pyilmaz Owned by: pyilmaz
Priority: minor Component: MIxS general
Version: 5.0 Keywords:
Cc: pthoopen Sensitive: no


See ticket:65

temperature > no change; changing the name of the descriptor of one of the most used environmental metadata items is better for major release

mean annual and seasonal temperature > split into annual_temp and season_temp

merge specific host, host taxid, host common name into host scientific name > no change; reason too big change, and we need to discuss why a merge is necessary

remove duplication in all environmental packages > which other duplications? the example here is not really a duplication. MIxS core item refers to whether the lifestyle of the organism is aerobic, anaerobic, facultative; and the latter is a qualitative assessment of the oxygen amount in the sample - microxic, dysoxic, suboxic. We can probably also discuss to extend the CV of oxygenation status of sample

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